Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Uber as Opposed to Traditional Taxi and Shuttle Services

The idea of paying someone a small fee, in return for getting picked up and dropped off at your desired location has existed for decades. But, as times are evolving, we’re starting to see new taxi services using innovative methods, to make the whole experience much more convenient and enjoyable. One of those is Uber, who have tapped into the technological advancements, to allow people to book and pay for a lift much quicker.


Now, the popularity of this service is highlighted by their rapid expansion across the world. Whether people want a ride home from a bar at 4am in the morning, or they want shuttling to the airport at 9pm at night, they can easily book it through an app on their smartphone. You’re given a random driver that is currently located nearby, and you’re provided with an estimation on what the final price will be.


In addition, the purchasing system is also very streamlined. By making an account on the app, you’ll link your bank account or PayPal to it, and the transactions become instant. While this is process is incredibly fast, it does have its downfalls. For instance, only being given an estimation can cause problems if you’re strapped for cash, or not sure how much you actually have in your bank account.  


Also, some people prefer to carry cash around with them, but with Uber you aren’t able to go down that route. Although, another advantage of Uber is that you can track exactly where your taxi is, with a real-time update on how far away they are in minutes. However, there are still plenty of disadvantages to using this method, which are exposed when you look at the advantages which traditional methods have.


With the traditional process of booking a taxi or airport shuffle, you can build a rapport and some necessary trust with your driver in advance. Once you’ve done that, you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands during your journey, and on the return. When booking an Uber, the selection is completely random, so you’ll most likely have a different driver for each journey.


Furthermore, the traditional way allows you to avoid any of internet issues, which commonly occur. If you ever want to book an Uber, or track where the driver is, you’re going to need a 3G internet connection or Wi-Fi. But, if you have neither of those, you’re going to struggle to secure yourself a lift. Plus, communicating with a real person on the phone will always triumph over communicating with a smartphone app.


Why? Well, because it’s much easier to cancel if you no longer need the service, the fare can be agreed on beforehand and will not change, and there’ll be no confusion when it comes to the location. Plus, if required, you can schedule the driver to meet you inside an airport, or bar, or wherever else, just to increase safety. Ultimately, innovation is brilliant, but the original way is proven.